Tuesday 19 March 2013

The PizzaBerg Cafe

I was completely prepared to HATE the PizzaBerg Café. I was so ready to visit, leave angry and write a scathing review here on the blog. Scathing, I tell you.

 I was pissed that my OCHRE GRILL had been replaced. I was pissed and stomping my feet like a baby.

I am saying it now, PizzaBerg Café is pretty good. It’s better than pretty good, it’s damn good and the service is excellent and they give a crap about the Celiacs of the world.

We went there a couple weeks ago and were thrilled that the owner’s mother has Celiac so he had every answer I was looking for. He knew exactly where each and every item in his store comes from and where it is produced to ensure that the items he says are GF are indeed GF.

 They have GF pasta and GF pizzas and GF appetizers and GF desserts. I decided upon the tenderloin medallions and it was served with a flavorful sauce and brown rice pasta. The pasta was cooked perfectly which is no mean feat I assure you.  It was heavy though and I didn’t even come close to finishing it making it so I could not enjoy the GF desserts. Trev had the lasagna and said it tasted fresh and homemade. The kids shared a peperoni pizza and they said it was awesome. The service was attentive and thoughtful and everyone seemed more than eager to please.

My only complaint with the PizzaBerg Café is the menu. They don’t have a kids menu which would make my life easier; the spawn agreed this time on a pizza to share. Such an event is as rare as seeing a leprechaun dance on a unicorns ass with a horseshoe piercing his nose. We need a kids menu to avoid exposing our children’s deep hatred for each other.

 The menu also doesn’t have a lot of lighter options. For this family of mainly clean eaters, we could not make the PizzaBerg a weekly ritual like we did the Ochre. I would recommend some lighter, higher end entrees (steak, chicken or a nice fish) with lots of quality veggies on the side. That will find us there more often. A few creative salads would be nice too.  I think a less hefty menu would benefit the Café in attracting the local clientele as well. Being 17.5 wheelchair rotations from a senior village puts the café in a position to be able to aim their menu toward a more Betty White level of customer.  Variety would ensure their longevity in my opinion.

Overall though, I bow my head and say in all sincerity, I misjudged you PizzaBerg Café, you are a safe and delicious place for Celiacs in South Calgary.