Monday 26 August 2013

I posted this because she looks just like me, only taller, and with blue eyes and she is CLEARLY a doctor. But other than that...

Thursday 15 August 2013

Sunday 11 August 2013

La Brasserie!

Let's talk about girlfriends. I have a lot of really great girlfriends and I can tell you that if you do not surround yourself with amazing girlfriends, your life will be short and empty of crazy weird conversations like: 
“Have you ever wished you were a hair on Ryan Goslings head?” or “Can you do the Macarana backwards?” See? Enriching.

 My girlfriend Jane is one of those girlfriends for me. She is the only person in the world to get away with calling my husband a nickname. She calls him, “Wolfman” because of a strange incident we had about fifteen years ago on a dark road and a very large, ill-behaved husky. My Trev allows such nonsense from no one other than Janey. It is for reasons like this that I love her. She is also one of only three people in the world who can pull off bright red lip stick. It’s like her, Angelina Jolie, that Latino chick from ‘Orange is the New Black’ and Dame Edna – wait, that’s four. Still, very impressive.

Jane lives out of town so when she came to visit we all got together at La Brasserie in Kennsington. Snap! Why have I not eaten at this place before? Why huh? It was fantastically good. I would like to tell you that I perused the menu carefully and was very discerning with my many choices but I can’t because I saw, “Gluten Free Fish and Chips,” and saw nothing else for the next ten minutes.

Our server at La Brasserie was fantastic. I asked about cross contamination with the fryer and she checked with the chef before insuring me that everything would be fine. I even changed the ‘chips’ part to poutine because, well, that’s just self-explanatory so if you can’t understand that, stop reading because you are dead to me. Go on, now.

Fuck off if you question gluten free poutine.

When I started eating said fish and chips and I was absolutely wonderful so I stopped listening to everyone but my own happiness. One of the girls had a baby or some such thing. I think it was even there, maybe, who knows? I was eating crispy, flavorful fish and chips and poutine! By now, everyone reading this appreciates my poutine choice and if any of you non-poutine lover fuckers are still hanging around, I will find you. When I was done the amazing food, I snapped back into the conversation.

The atmosphere is casual but classy with a warm open kitchen and a great view of Kennsington. It resides over the Wine Bar which is a great place to reside. The wine list huge and the cocktails delicious. 

Go to La Brasserie in Kennsington. You will LOVE it. I have to be back and try something other than the fish and chips but honestly, I don’t think I will be able to. Great service, great food, awesome atmosphere. Four Stars.