Thursday 27 June 2013

Dunk that Donut Bitches

Okay okay okay - everyone just calm the fuck down out there. Put your panties back on and breathe okay?

You all right?


I hear you. I get it. I understand the excitement on this one. I, personally, am not a donut fan and as far as I know, we do not have any Dunkin' Donut locations up here in the great white north. But I understand the excitement here. It would be nice to have the option of eating something at a donut shop.

Here in Canada, we have the fine coffee of Tim Hortons on every corner. I don't want to start a fight here, well, okay I DO want to start a fight because we would win so I am just going to say it.

Tim Hortons makes the best coffee in the world. Hands down, full stop.

Timmys has become an iconic Canadian symbol. There are people who have travelled from one end of this country to the other eating ONLY at Tim Hortons coffee shops. It's true and the rest of us are uber jealous that we didn't think of it first and get to go with them.

We love our Tim Hortons.

But I can't eat ANYTHING there. Which sucks so I understand the draw of the DD making Gluten Free Donuts.

In the interest of fact finding, I have contacted Tim Hortons and asked if they have any intentions of having gluten free items available at their stores. I will wait to hear back and will let you know the outcome.

In the meantime...settle the fuck down and go eat a Dunkin Donut and let me know how they taste.

To make me feel better about not having a donut, tell me they taste like sawdust.