Sunday 24 February 2013


I have talked about it a lot. To the point where most of you are thinking, “Dear God you stupid bitch, shut the fuck up about it.” But I just kept talking. Why? Because I believed in it, that’s why, because it was a fantastic concept, because it was unique and original and full of promise.


            Today I learnt that The Ochre Grill is closing.

            A Moment of Silence Bitches.

            Please don’t mock and please don’t roll your eyes. There are VERY few places that a FAMILY with a Celiac mom can eat at. And DON’T remind me of all those lovely small dark, eclectic places on 17th ave that I can eat at. I say a resounding fuck you. You have no interest in having my children waiting for 40 min for a table outside any more than I do. We suburban moms don’t pay for parking when we have spawn with us. Why? Because it’s a waste of fucking money that’s why. It is a waste of money for me to drag my kids on a 45 min drive to have them wait 30 min for a table and then sit and try to occupy them while I negotiate a gluten “friendly” menu that looks more like an list of designer perfumes or wallpaper than freaking food, then try to get them something they will EAT that is both beige and shitty enough and yet drink enough wine to make it all worthwhile.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to put on a pair of heels, head down town and sit indulgently sipping wine and eating deliciously expensive Gluten Free food. I’m just not doing it with two children.

            Mommy needs two hands and no stories about science class to drink her twelve dollar glass of wine. 

            The Ochre Grill provided us with a comfortable environment for families, great service and an extensive Gluten Free Menu made with fresh good food that even my kids enjoyed. We went at least once a week  for over a year and felt like a part of the family. I could just sit down and order anything I wanted and they all knew I had Celiacs and they all knew what my kids liked and they knew that almost everything out of Trev’s mouth was a joke.  Our Friday nights will never be the same.

 We were totally devastated last night to hear that it is closing and a place called “PizzaBerg” is coming in. I tried to e-mail “PizzaBerg” to ask about GF options and their email bounced it back. Ugh….

            With any luck the Ochre Team will open the same concept at a better location. When they do, I hope they let me know because I will be there with bells on.  

Until then, this ends our regularly scheduled program. *SOB*

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