Tuesday 9 April 2013

The Calgary GF Expo

I need to apologise for not posting as often as I should. I have been working a lot on my newest novel and I have been neglecting my Celiac Duty. (Tee Hee, I said DUTY)

Ok - I have yet to blog about the GF expo here in Calgary. I was very excited for the GF expo and dragged my friend Megan along with me for the ride. Before I write my review of this event, let me make it clear that I suck at planning shit like this so I am no barometer for their quality. I can't plan them and yet I expect grand results. I feel like they have to be somewhere between Charlie's Chocolate Factory and the Mall of America. I am like a big weird baby who expects bright lights and highland dancers everywhere I go.

That being said, I was somewhat underwhelmed with the YYC GF Expo and I can give specifics about what I loved and what I didn't love.

- The fact that there was ONE restaurant there. Really? You could only get ONE restaurant to come and share their wares? I wanted to see all those places that claim to have GF Menus and Celiac trained chefs handing out their menus and/or samples.
- There were no monkeys dancing
- That the big names handed out stuff that we have ALL had. Udi's handed out their white bread and Glutino handed out their pretzels - both of which everyone with even a slightly damaged villi have had many many times. Both these companies have new and exciting products, ones that should have been pulled out for everyone to try.
- It said on my ticket that the venue was in one building but it was in a different - slight annoyance
- Some companies selling items didn't bring enough to sell to everyone or they charged an ARM and a LEG for their products and it smelt like a fleecing
- We needed more foot rubbing and general pampering

- ALL the new products - it was fantastic to see  - look below for my winners of the day
- That there was even a GF expo! I am so thrilled that Celiacs is making a name for itself and we have to have a tradeshow for all the great products
- How many people were there - I like being surrounded by Celiacs - they are a happy folk
A bevy of Celiac's listening to some really really smart person

WINNERS of the Day

Lettie's Best Bread - they weren't selling anything but were handing out gorgeously HUGE samples of amazing bread - loved Lettie's Best

The Totally Gluten Free Bakery - bought a loaf of their white bread and I think I gained about ten pounds when I ate the whole thing. Soft, delicious and held up well unfrozen for over a week. Totally Gluten Free Bakery

This is me, eating bread, in public! Weeeeee!

Protein Bar Super Bar - My winner of the day. I LOVED these protein bars and gobbled them up so fast, I never even got a picture of them. I also didn't take down the website. I have the following picture of the ladies at the booth so if anyone knows where to find more of these bars, let me know because I adored them. I would put this picture on a milk carton but beacause most of us don't drink milk either, it would be useless. Please find the following picture on the side of all Guar Gum packages. Maybe then some Celiacs might see it.
Who are these woman and where can I get more of their magic food?

I loved that there was a Gluten Free Expo but for next year (and there best BE a next year), more products, more restaurants and more ferrets on motorcyles.


  1. Seems to be a royal event. I am planning my birthday party at one of the supreme Chicago venues next month. Will invite all my friends and relatives. Delicious cakes and cookies would be made by my mom. Thinking for a fashionable theme party. Hope the idea is liked by all.

    1. Sounds AMAZING! I wish I lived in Chicago and I would crash your birthday and get really drunk and possibly cause a scene. I can't guarantee I wouldn't cause a scene. Happy Birthday, I hope it's an awesome birthday.