Tuesday 26 November 2013

An Image for Every Body

This is going to make some of you angry and for that I apologise but I can not keep quiet any longer. This post isn't necessarily about Celiacs but it is about our bodies so that counts right?

When did being slim become a bad thing? When? Seriously?

I know your first response is; pfft Laurie! Take a look at the media and at the TV and how REVEARED all the slim women are in the world. Maybe Elle MacPhereson is worshiped, but I, a regular gal living in the world today, am not.

As a woman of slight build, I am feeling more and more assaulted in the world these days. Specifically on facebook and other social media sites. I'm not allowed to share my thoughts on a pintrest post because I don't understand what it is to be a REAL woman because I wear an A cup and size 4 pants. I think that's ridiculous.

 I am seeing more and more posts that imply because I am the size I am that, I must be shallow, selfish and unhealthy. I must work out ALL the time, implying of course that I am abandoning my children in the process or that I DON'T eat and have a problem. I assure you, this is not the case.  

Slim girls can be healthy too. Fact.

Comments I hear from people are, "you're so lucky to be skinny" or when we are shopping and I am hunting for my size I hear a lot of, "show off". Would you prefer I buy a size twelve to make you feel better? Could you buy a size six for me? You buying a DD bra makes me feel insecure, can I voice that? No?

Please note that I am talking about size and not weight. I don't weigh myself, I encourage you to avoid the scale as well.

I think scales are for meat at the butchers and boxers at the ring....no one else.

My size has varied over the years - please see the "My Fat Ass Post" on this blog. After I had my second spawn, my friend Pat came to visit to see the baby, he took one look at me and said, "I thought you pushed it out already?" Then we laughed a bunch and I gave him a beer and the baby. My size went back to my normal-ish size after a time. How much time? I don't know. I don't care and frankly, neither should you.

You are the size you are and I am the size I am and that needs to be just fine.

If it's okay for some women to have curves and hips and a little flab under their arms, why is it not okay for me NOT to?

I embrace the, every woman for every body, everyone is unique and beautiful. I completely agree that we are all our own version of a goddess, I just don't understand why slim girls can't be included in that?

Why are we the enemy?

I know my size fluctuates as EVERYONES does and that is totally fine with me. I run when the weather is nice and go to yoga when it is not. I have been known to attend combat classes and throw in an Insanity workout every once in a while.

 If I don't do these things will I panic that I will become a bigger size and therefore hate myself?  NO! I work out because I like it. I love it in fact. I love the idea that I am strong, and healthy and can do a  headstand and throw a kick ass punch. I like that about myself. I'm sorry you don't. But for the love of GOD shut the hell up about it would you?

Of course, this may change. We are at the mercy of our bodies and one day, I may be twice the size I am now. Will I be as happy? I don't know that. I love being able to beat my kids in a race, do a cartwheel and hike up the side of a mountain with them. I like having the amount of energy I do right now. Would I have this much energy if I was twice my size? Maybe. Maybe not.

What I do know is that I am thrilled with what I look like just as someone who is twice my size is happy with themselves. The implication that I am this size because I don't eat, or don't eat what I want or obsess about my size is insulting.

Don't look in my grocery cart and I won't look in yours.

I read comments about famous singers or actresses and how skinny they are. "Eat a sandwich!" they say or "She's disgusting!" And you may think that but what right do you have to say it? Why, because Taylor Swift is slim, do you have the right to mock her or assume she has an eating disorder? She might have an eating disorder, but that's none of your business. It is no more your business than it is for you to question how many bags of Oreos Rita MacNeal ate to get to the size she was. It's none of your business.

Mind your own body and I will mind mine.

Let's just let it all go. Let's stop the caddiness and the back handed comments. Instead of teaching our daughters to hate the slim lady on the cover of the magazine, let's focus on her loving herself and being lovely to those around her, no matter what.

Kindness, soulful happiness and love of yourself are what matters, not your size, or mine. Let's stop talking about how we all look and just focus on WHO we are inside. Be happy, be whatever size you want to be and let everyone else be the same.


  1. I feel similarly, though as someone who used to be bigger and lost weight to become slim, my POV is a bit different (though now it's been so long since then that most people who know me don't even realize). I do find I'm often having to explain to people that, no, I'm not refusing a slice of their pizza because I'm DIETING, I just CAN'T EAT their pizza. (Though the majority of people who stay slim probably do because they DON'T accept every slice of pizza they're ever offered, and that shouldn't be such a big deal, either.)


    1. Thanks for your input Molly. That's a good point. We should stop counting everyone else's pizza intake, Celiac or not.