Wednesday 16 April 2014

The Best Living Thing in Drumheller

Let's talk about Drumheller. Never heard of Drumheller? Really? You should Google it because you should know all about Drumheller.

Drumheller is a small town in the province of Alberta. It was founded on the rich mines that spatter the area but in the process of mining, the fine people of Drumheller made an amazing discovery.

They had dinosaurs.....a .....lot....of .....dinosaurs.

Drumheller is synonymous with dinosaurs and holds some of the most magnificent specimens of dino bones in the world. The town has taken a shining to this tourist gold mine and almost everything is dinosaur themed. From Dinosaur statues that line the streets to the fossil stores and the worlds largest dinosaur, Drumheller has something for kids of all ages and will not disappoint. On spring break, I took the spawn on one of our Alberta adventures and since we haven't been to Drum in a little while, they begged to go.

Being a Celiac, my first thought should have been, 'where are we going to eat?' but I'm getting a little tired of that shtick. I'm so exhausted with the worry of it all. I'm tired of panicking about where my next meal is coming from like I am living in a box or I'm Lindsay Lohan. So I have somewhat stopped worrying about it. This is not to say that I throw caution to the wind. I prep, I bring some things for me to eat but at the end of the day, so what if I have a bag of chips for dinner? Won't be the first time. Won't be the last, so I am not going to fret about it anymore.

And with most things in the universe, when you let it go, the answer will come. That answer came in the form of Sublime Food and Wine in Drumheller.

We were making our way through the town to the Royal Tyrell Museum (where the bones are) and the spawn were counting the Dinosaur statues. Well, Julia was counting the statues, Ethan was explaining to Julia the physiological impossibility of a dinosaur driving a motorcycle (apparently their heads were too heavy to maintain a balance, not to mention their mental capacity) and Julia was explaining that she knew that and to not IMPLY (that's her new favorite word) that she was stupid. Ethan said he wasn't IMPLYING anything and to quit acting like  baby. Ethan then went on to discuss the fact that these dinos wouldn't even live at the same time because some were from the Cretaceous period and others were not and the scale was off etc. Julia then looked at him and said, 'I don't think they are going for scientific accuracy because THAT one is polka dotted' Then an entire discussion on camouflage and skin patterning ensued in addition to the value of polka dots in town d├ęcor.

...This is my life people....soak in the glory.

Anyhoo, I had resigned myself to eating at (yuck) Boston Pizza when we passed by this delightful converted house with lime green trim called Sublime Food and Wine. I knew instantly that we would be eating dinner there. So, after a long day at the museum, checking in at the hotel and driving the eleven bridges to Wayne (I refuse to explain that one, go visit), I called Sublime and made a reservation.

Delightful doesn't fully encompass this gem of a restaurant. It was cute while being sophisticated and homey without being kitschy. In addition, the spawn LOVED it. 

Charming decor. Please note: spawn photo bombing with her new pterodactyl.

We were served by a lovely lady named Trinity who knew her gluten free and made sure everything was safe. In addition, everything was AMAZINGLY delicious. I had the grilled chicken and it was fresh and gorgeous and so good that I had to restrain myself from licking the plate.

Fresh, local food, prepared with thought and care.

 In fact, everything was so amazing that the kids insisted that we go there the next day for lunch. And so we did, because when my kids want to go somewhere that has an extensive wine list, I agree. When I mentioned that we would like to come back the next day, Trinity leans over and whispers, "Would you like me to pull a bun for you so you can have a sandwich tomorrow?" And the Angels wept with the beauty of it all. Let me make it clear that I was planning on leaving early the next morning. We stayed in town an extra three hours just to go to this restaurant again. I'm not kidding, it was THAT good.

This was my lunch the next day. Prime Rib Melt on a Gluten Free bun. Yeah, this exists.

Ethan had the pulled pork sandwich and Julia had the hot dog Perfect kids food.

 The spawn are begging to go back every week. This is how good Sublime Food and Wine is, it wins over the freaking dinosaurs!

So now, thank heaven's, Drumheller has some options for those of us who love road trips but hate road trip food. This Celiac will be back and I hope to see you all there.




  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this review! Now I have a place to eat out at when we visit my husband's family. I assumed there just were no options :-)

  2. I just googled gluten free restaurants in Drumheller since hubby and I are driving cross-Canada this month and am glad I found your review! Thanks for sharing it. We'll be meeting up with a friend with kids, too, so it's good to know the restaurant is kid-approved also :)

  3. There is a new bistro that opened in the summer called Ivy's Awesome Kitchen & Bistro that caters to special diet needs. The owner has celiac so gluten free dining is so easy. Lots of options.

  4. OMG! My wife and I just loved your post. We had just been having the discussion of where to go eat and had almost settled on BPs (again) but we now have new things to consider. Thanks! By the way your life and ours sounds way to freakin' similar! :P

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  6. It is now sadly closed…