Saturday 5 September 2015


There are new GF products hitting the shelves every day and it's hard to keep up. Now, I am in Canada so there are many products that I don't get yet. Fuck You  NAFTA. 

I've tried a few new items in the last few months, check them out below. 

My new favorite GF item. These corn tortillas are awesome. I use them in place of bread or buns. They need to be heated up though. I just put them in a frying pan for a minute but I'm sure you could nuke them.

Let me make it very clear that I love UDI's Products. I love their bread and bagels and their buns are kick ass. But this? This is gross. Full on, gross. The ends are super gummy, the filling is bland and lacking texture. I don't know if I would ever, ever eat one of these again. I don't know if I would eat it if the world got taken over by mutant zombies and I was running for my life. They are really that gross. UDIs needs to do better because they are better.

Chex are awesome. It's great to get a cereal that you can eat by the barrel full and not have to mortgage your house to do so. I love Chex and the Cinnamon flavor is pretty good. My personal favorite Chex flavor is CORN though which ironically, is not included on the GF list. Weird right? Get on that Chex....I mean it.


I despise figs. I don't understand why anyone likes figs. It's not crunchy like a fruit or soft like a butter, it's like paste. Weird brown paste that looks and smells like Mother Natures ass. Fig cookies always remind me of visiting my Great Aunt Marion and how it smelt like moth balls and scotch. I don't like fig bars. That being said....these are good...if you like figs which means you have no soul.....just saying. 

I love my Robin Hood flour and you should too. Replace cup for cup and add a bit of Guar Gum to any baking. It's awesome. No one can tell the difference. Thank you Robin Hood. 

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