Monday 24 June 2019

Miss. P's Gluten Free- My Personal Heaven

Oh people! Brace yourselves! Let me tell you about my new favorite place in the whole wide world. 

Let me tell you about Miss. P's Gluten Free store in the Avenida Market. First off, you have to visit the Avenida Market. It's like a food court and farmers market all rolled into one beautiful bright space in the Avenida mall off McLeod Trail. There are lots of gluten free restaurants, clean tables, cute little stores, fresh produce and a cool looking child area. My spawn refused to play in the area because they said it was too babyish for them. Apparently, being 15 and 13 means you don't want to play with mommy anymore, and you don't tell her things anymore, and you don't like singing wheels on the bus anymore...whatever. As you can see, I'm still struggling with the growth part of mothering. It's a process people, back off.

Anyway, your smaller children (that still love you) will enjoy the area. Parents will love how much parking there is and how clean the place is. Right in the center of the Avenida Market, is Miss. P's Gluten Free Store and right in the middle of that store is the lovely, Miss. P who is the owner, operator, and genuine Gluten Free baker. 

You all know that I have tried EVERY SINGLE gluten free bread out there. I have wept over the rice bread that exploded in a puff of crumbs the first bite, I have frozen bread, toasted bread, sourced bread online for vacations, I have epically failed at baking my own, I have hunted from corner to corner and edge to edge for a gluten free bread that is edible, and won't cost me a mortgage payment to buy it. 

I give you, Miss. P's Gluten Free breads, and cakes, and cookies, and treats, and pies. The bread is especially notable for it's texture and size. It's a full two inches longer and certainly higher than any other gluten free bread I have ever seen. It's so good!

Look at this! It's Miss.P's loaf of white bread. Doesn't it look amazing? Also, please note that my counter tops are clean. 
I've treated myself to the white bread and the sour dough, yes, sour dough and they were incredible. I ate the sour dough in like 24 hours. I'm not ashamed to admit that. She also makes these cute little hand held meat pies. The chicken is my favorite, the dough is perfect and the filling is super good. The first time I bought one, I ate it in the car like a savage. It was delicious. She will make you a sandwich too! She has lemon bars (so light and gorgeous), cookies, cakes, and buns. Everything is made to the highest quality and totally safe for Celiac's. I can not say enough good things about Miss. P and all her hard work. Please go visit her in the Avenida Mall and throw money at her and then eat all her talent up.

I made myself this corned beef sandwich, look how amazing this bread looks. Next time I am going to have Miss. P make me the sandwich. She does that too.
It's the size of a regular loaf of bread! No tiny weirdly shaped pieces!

It is so delightful for a Celiac to walk up to a counter and order anything we want. To then receive a beautiful, high quality, affordable, gluten free product, makes us feel normal, and yet, somehow, very special. That's the magic of Miss. P's Gluten Free. So go and visit her, have a chat and enjoy her extraordinary talents.

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