Tuesday 3 July 2012

My Body People

For once, I am writing a post NOT about my own selfish ass. Please read and pass on. It’s important.

 I cannot live my life without people who give a shit about me. I know, so elementary right? Not really. I mean, we all have people that surround us; that we spend time with, that occupy space and energy and time and money. Think about these people, now, think about the ones that REALLY give a shit about you. Honestly, stop for a moment and really review your nearest and dearest in your mind and assess what kind of person they are to you.

 Think about the people in your life that are kind to you, that listen to you, that laugh at your jokes, that smile when you walk in the room and don’t judge one word that comes out of your mouth. That do things for you without asking and certainly without reminding you of it later. I call these friends, my “BODY” friends. If, for whatever reason, I had a dead body in my possession that needed to be disposed of, I would call one of them. I know that they would help hide the body and never speak of it again. I’m not kidding, I make this kind of distinction.

One of my body friends is Jenny. I met Jenny about sixteen years ago when we both worked at Earls together. I distinctly remember meeting her because it was within 5 seconds of either of us talking that we were laughing so hard it hurt. We haven’t really stopped laughing since. Jenn is by far, the most genuine person I think I have ever known. She comes from a deeply loving, wonderful family and when I met her, she was a Vocal Performance major at the U of C. Jenn's voice is really unmatched. You feel blessed to have heard her sing. I always thought that God made Jenn to be a singer, until I saw her become a mother and realized, THAT’s what she was supposed to be. She is one of those friends that I can talk to every day for a week or go three months and it doesn’t matter one bit.

Jenny is one of my favorite people in the whole world and she would hide a body for me.

Jenny has Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia  and it breaks my fucking heart.

It’s the shittiest, most horrible, rotten Goddamn thing in the world.

Jenny is the mother of two young, beautiful, bright, funny children.

Jenny needs bone marrow in order to live.

It’s that simple.

Now, my first reaction was, okey dokey smokey, come and fucking get it. I don’t even know how you get the bone marrow out but if you gotta break my arm to do it, that’s beyond copasetic. Break a bone, take an organ or a hunk of spine, it matters not. Actually, donating is a fairly easy, non-risky procedure, especially, considering you are saving a life. Unfortunately, the chances that Jenn and I are a match are slim to none.

So I need your help. I need you to sign up on thisWEBSITE and see if you are a match and then I need you to pass it on to every single person you have ever met. All those facebook randoms? Get them to do it. The guy who is asking you out? Get him to sign up before you give him a fake number. Tweet it. Send out a bloody smoke signal, I don’t care, just please, help me save my friend's life.

I KNOW that you don’t know Jenny but I KNOW that you HAVE a Jenny. I KNOW that there are people in your life that you seriously give a shit about and they give a shit about you. I can’t save my Jenny but maybe I can save your Jenny one day.
Please sign up and get every person you know to sign up.

Then send a simple text to your “Body” Friends.

It should say. “I love you and I am thinking about you today”

Because they should know that you give a shit about them.

Thank You and as Always,

Much Love

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