Tuesday 22 May 2012

Count your Blessings

I am a huge fan of gratitude. I think that the more grateful you are…the happier you are.

This is a post about Craft Beer Market. I have to be honest that I have not always been thrilled with the Craft Beer Market. Back in August, I took my husband there for dinner for his birthday because I heard they had lots of Gluten Free options. I however, somehow got glutened. There was some sort of miscommunication and no one was notified of my Celiacs. Normally, Craft Beer Market has outstanding policies in place but everyone makes mistakes.

That night, I knew that I was getting sick but I was determined to not ruin Trev's birthday. So I insisted that we stop at chapters on our way home from the dinner so my husband could pick out a new book. I hid from Trev in the stacks so he would not see the pain I was in. I got many a strange look from customers as I crawled between the shelves stifling grunts of agony. Eventually, because he isn't a moron, Trev found me. He followed the moaning. I was lying in the kiddie teacup in the fetal position looking very much like livestock trying to give birth. He ended up almost carrying me to the car…happy fucking birthday doll.

I was telling this story to some friends at a movie theatre and they were all laughing at my pain when my dear friend Leisa said , “You should start a blog…” and that’s where this all started.

After hearing about my experience, the manager at Craft Beer Market promptly contacted me, apologized and sent me gift cards for the full amount of our meal. I have been thrilled with them ever since.

They have further redeemed themselves with their most recent Brewmasters Dinner. My sorority sister Demia invited me out on a hot date and she still treated me even though I made it clear that I wasn’t going to put out. She’s solid like that.

Turns out that this was the largest Brewmasters Dinner that Craft Beer Market has ever had and they nailed it.

Every course was paired with a Gluten Free Beer and featured the baking and cooking love from Kerry Bennett and her team at Care Bakery. Now, Care Bakery has perfomed some sort of Gluten Free magic in that they have created Gluten Free Breads that are better (that’s right BETTER) than their glutened counterparts. You have most likely eaten Care Bakery goods because they can be found at restaurants throughout the city.  For a list of where you can find their yumminess, visit their website.



As a matter of fact, Demia and I were lucky enough to be sitting at Kerry’s table. At one point during the SIX COURSE meal, I saw a server walk past with a bowl of buns. They looked like scissor buns (you know the ones your grandma made for thanksgiving? Ya, that’s what they looked like)

So I turn to Demia and I say, “It takes a special kind of asshole to walk through a room full of Celiac’s with a bowl of fucking bread….seriously.”

To which Kerry infoms me that THAT BREAD WAS FOR ME!!! They made it at Care Bakery, that morning, for me…..that’s right suckers….I got buns! And not just lame, brown rice flour buns that crumble….they were astoundingly good. So good in  fact that I took a moment of gratitude for the blessing of being a Celiac and being so lucky to have something so lovely. It was grand.

These are Gluten Free - Seriously...you should have tasted them. All soft and gorgeous!

The entire meal was amazing in fact. It truly was special to NOT have to check everything that came to my place. I didn’t have to worry one little bit about if I could or couldn’t eat something, for that, I was so grateful.  Demia and I were stuffed and yet just kept eating because it really was that good. It was a fantastic evening with a dear friend and an abundance of good, wonderful food made with so much love it almost hurt to eat it. Almost.

The Menu

 First Course – Chicken and Waffles (fried chicken - that's right people - I ATE fried chicken)

Second Course – Spragg Farms Roasted Pork Loin Taco (soft shell hmmmm)

Third Course – Double smoked bacon and Poplar Bluff Potato (perogies - you could taste the love)

Fourth Course – Braised Pork Shoulder (this is where the buns came in)

Dessert – Apricot Tart (so wonderful)

It was really fantastic. Craft Beer Market and Care Bakery really Spoiled us Celiacs.
So I count the blessings I was given:
I am grateful to Craft Beer Market inspired this blog which has provided endless hours of fun for me and hopefully for you. It also has shown great customer service and a dedication to the health and happiness of Celiac’s in Calgary

I am grateful for good friends like Demia for my hot date night and for Leisa for suggesting I write my crazy world down for you all.

I am grateful that there are places like Care Bakery who constantly strive to perfect their art. Trust me, taste their wares and you will know what I mean.

I am blessed.

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