Sunday 13 May 2012

Well, now isn't that special!

I am special

We Celiacs are special. Make no mistake, we are. There is a fine line between being a VIP and being a pain in the ass. This is the line I dance upon every single day, this is the line on which I live my life.

We Celiacs need to stop winching and whining about our Celiacs.



BE Special because you ARE special.

We need to stop seeing our Celiacs as if it is some miserable death sentence becuase life is about perspective.

You can be a whiner or you can be extraordinary. It’s your choice.

I choose the latter. And by choosing being extraordinary, I spend my time at places that treat me as such.

Case in point, The Ochre Grill. I know that I have talked about them before but they really need a second mention here. As far as Celiacs go, they make it clear that we are special.

I would say that 85% of their menu is available in Gluten Free, they have EXTENSIVE procedures in place to ensure that Celiacs and people with Gluten sensitivities are  safe at their restaurant. It is one of the only places that I eat at that I don't have to worry. When Trev asked where he and the spawn should take me for my Mother’s Day dinner, The Ochre was my first choice. I get to have things there that I can’t have anywhere else. For dinner tonight, I had French Onion Soup, Calamari, stuffed Chicken Breast and a Lava Cake. It was a joy-gasim type meal…completely rich and indulgent.

 Why did I get such a wonderful Gluten Free meal on Mother’s Day?

 Because I am special, that’s why.

Just like you.

We as Celiacs need to stop asking permission for our disease, we need to own our special- ness. And yes, sometimes it sucks to have Celiacs but most of the time, it’s not THAT bad. We could have a life threatening disease, one that would inevitably kill us or one that would make us sick every single day – like needle in our arm everyday kind of sick. We could get a diagnosis and find out that our life timeline will end soon and all those precious moments will be spent in a hospital bed.

Perspective, now you have it…you are welcome.

We could be a shitty type of special but no, we are just special.

Find a restaurant that makes you feel special not because you are a pain in the ass but because you deserve it. If you are in the Calgary area, I suggest The Ochre Grill, they will be just as wonderful to you as they are to me. If you aren’t in Calgary, get looking for somewhere that makes you feel as exceptional as you are.

Stop whining, stop complaining, just breathe...because you can.

Every day, take a deep breath and know you are extraordinary.

 Just like me.


  1. Have you seen this blog? It is so hilarious, I could go through it once a day for a good laugh. The .gif with lady gaga is perfect for this post...