Friday 30 September 2011

People Food - Go or I will kick you in the privates

A couple people have told me about this store called People Food - Food for People but it is located in Spruce Grove off Bow Trail, for us Southies, it’s the same as driving to the moon and back. It feels a little far for a Gluten Free store. BUT today I had to be in the area anyway so the kids and I popped by. I walk and in and immediately I wonder if we have gone into the wrong place because we have walked into a kitchen. A warm, delicious smelling, lovely kitchen and it’s full of people milling about and eating, Clearly, I think, I have intruded upon some sort of private party and I consider just backing out the door but then I hear this lovely “Hi!” from across the room and the hostess of the party makes her way toward me. Her name is Linda and with Brent, they have created People Food – Food for People. This store is my new favorite places because these guys get it, I mean really really get it. Not one BIT of Gluten has crossed through their door and their mission is to make Gluten Free food taste like food. Shockingly simple but amazingly difficult but take my word for it, they have mastered their craft.

They make something different each week and they make it fresh. Let me just repeat that, they have FRESH GLUTEN FREE FOOD, remain calm. The people milling about are customers and the guy doling out the tasters is their chef and the rest of the delicious smells are coming from peanut butter cookies being baked fresh three feet away from me. I am in love, it’s like Disneyland for Celiacs. It is so nice to walk into a store and know that I can eat ANYTHING in there. This hasn’t happened to me….well, ever. The prices are reasonable for fresh, organic food and the quality can not be matched.  Linda told me the hens that provided the eggs were not fed wheat….they are hard core and I love them for it.

I walked out with:

 The Peanut Butter cookies for the kids (but I ate one, ok fine, two and they were so good – soft and buttery),

Baby Cakes (mini cupcakes, made with Bernard Calibeau chocolate) which are awesome too, I told the kids they taste like soap, more for me!

Broccoli Cheese Buns – mini muffin sized delicousness – gorgeous texture

Oneder Bread – ( Get it? ONE - der! Love it!) this is really the best part, light fluffy, it holds together and yet is soft and flavorful – it’s like focaccia bread…love it!

So get over to People Food – Food for People because I might just be there, scarfing these baby cakes in the parking lot. But don’t all go at once, I hear perogies are coming up and I don’t want to have to hurt anyone to get them. I think I would sell one of my spawn for a perogie.

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  1. Sounds awesome, there should be more of these places :)