Wednesday 4 January 2012

New Years Resolutions!

What 2012 looks like to a Freaking Celiac.

1) Don't threaten so many peoples lives - not that I think this is wrong, just that its losing its edge becuase I do it so much. I will take a year off and then go back to the threat - that way it will earn it's punch back.

Don't do anything too much....everything in moderation.

2) More yoga - yoga makes me happy. It makes everyone happy. I am a firm believer that everyone, from pro athlete to ninety year old cancer survivor can benefit from a deep seeded adoration of yoga

3) Question my TV show choices  - you can always tell the calibre of the intended audience from the commercials. I watch some shows that suggest I should get off the couch and become a medical assistant or that i should sue someone for making me take too much Tylenol while pregnant. I don't know if I should change my TV choices....just look look at them closer.

 Not everything has to be lofty and superior. Relax. 

4)  Keep writing - I have always loved to write and I have been told that I am pretty good at it. So I am going to keep doing it. This laptop from Santa makes me giddy like diamonds make other girls giddy.

Find something that makes you feel talented....don't stop doing it. No matter what.

5) I stopped giving a shit what people thought of me a long time ago. This is a re-resolution. Your opinion of me is none of my business so please keep it to yourself. I think I am pretty awesome, I don't care if you agree.

Release the need to be accepted by others, your sleep patterns will thank you.

6) Hug more. I'm not going to start some sort of hug-a-thon or something creepy like that but I am going to stop saying "I could have hugged them" and just do it. Think of how fun every thing in your life would get if you just added hugging to it. Getting audited? Getting a prostate exam? Find yourself in a bear trap? Hug it out! Happines is your choice, not the obligation of those around you.

7) Watch more Jersey Shore because that shit makes me laugh.

Find something that makes you giggle and do it. No matter how stupid it seems.

8) Ignore the bullshit people. Go ahead and be a passive aggressive asshole ... just not around me.

Life is too short to spend time with people who treat you badly - to your face or behind your back.

9) Keep reminding my kids and husband that they were made for me.

Figure out who is important and don't let them go.

10) Keep laughing at my Celiacs. It has been a hell of a ride so far. Celiacs has forced you to come here and hang out with my voice so I have to keep doing it because I like you....a lot.

Laughter is the best medicine, for your soul and your intestines.

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