Saturday 10 March 2012

Pre -Fab Celiac Gal

It’s all about convenience these days. Some of the ads on TV amaze me. I just saw a commercial for a product that appears to be a bag of shredded cheese mixed with breadcrumbs. They show a family thoroughly enjoying their dinner now that it took 7 less seconds to make it. And I ask, how slothful can we get? Apparently. some families don’t even eat on plates anymore. They use paper plates exclusively, for every single meal because they don’t want to do dishes anymore. I am stunned by this. Completely dumbfounded.

There are meals that you can buy now where you just “pop the dish in the oven and in one hour you have a perfectly cooked roast”. I have a really good secret for you. THAT IS HOW YOU MAKE A NORMAL ROAST! Added to these items is of course enormous amounts of preservatives and chemicals to maintain that “fresh” taste.  Rather than actually preparing something fresh, we are spending twice as much money and not any less time to eat something that in most cases, is bad for us. Odd.  

Enjoy a big Sunday dinner every once in a while. Take some TIME to make a meal for your loved ones. Enjoy the act of cooking. However, as I always say, everything in moderation.  If you’ve run out of time on a Tuesday before gymnastics and need to have dinner on the table in 3.3seconds, go ahead and fling something in the microwave and toss it on a paper dish. Just don’t do that every day because over time I think you (and our planet) will regret it.


 I think I speak for the majority of the population when I beg you to NOT post your meals on Facebook.  Why the fuck would ANYONE give a shit about what you had for dinner? Unless it is your last meal prior to execution or the first one after battling stomach cancer, it isn’t notable to anyone but you. You sound like a pompous snit and people don’t like you for it. I know I take pictures of my food sometimes but it is for this blogs benefit only and I get the douche chills from myself every time I do it.


That being said, I do wish that there were more convenience foods for Celiacs.  We don’t have a lot of “heat and go” items. If we do, they are so expensive I must question whether or not there is a Faberge egg hiding in there for a prize. In addition, most frozen GF meals taste pretty terrible too. The texture goes “off” and everything just melds together.  I grab one once in a while though, because we all get lazy sometimes, even (shocker) me.

Some of the meals I would recommend are the Glutino Brand. They are usually pretty good. And really, anything made by the fine folks at People Food; their perogies are a wonderful fast and easy meal made with delicious love. A word of caution though, I love Amy’s GF frozen burritos but the NON GF ones are often put with the GF ones so be cautious when buying those.  Read the labels.

I do try to make fresh meals as much as possible, and I highly recommend it. Skip the chemicals and the extra fat and sugar and salt to keep the food tasting acceptable. Try to limit the amount of pre-fab food you put in your person but feel free to be lazy once in a while. Whatever you eat, don’t publicize it because I guarantee that you are getting more eye rolls than admiration.

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