Thursday 20 October 2011


I need to pause in my relaying of the Disney fun to pass on an experience that I had. It is as fascinating as it is frightening.

So I went into a coffee shop yesterday, one that I have never been to, seeking desperately, a cup of coffee. It was a cute little place and while the gal was whipping up my americano, I perused the display of baked goods. She was a good salesman and asks if I want anything from the display case. I give her a sad face and say that although it looks fantastic, I have Celiacs so I can't eat any of it but thanks anyway. This is the exchange that followed.

Coffee chick, (who I liked at this point but not so much by the end,) "But those cupcakes are Gluten Free."

Celiac Goddess, "Really? You should label them as such and advertise that." But then I look and there on the little tag in tiny, bug sized lettering is "GF". "What do you use to make them?"

Coffee Chickie-poo, "Quinoa flour."

Celiac Goddess, "Huh, well then maybe I will try one, the cookies and cream look good. But is that an Oreo on the top?"

Coffee chickie, "Yup,"

Celiac Goddess, "Oreo's aren't gluten free."

Coffee chickie, "But there is no flour in the cupcake, so it's gluten free."

Celiac Goddess, "But I still can't eat the Oreo."

Coffee chickie, Unfazed, " But there is chocolate flavor cupcake." and adds my favorite line, "Lots of Celiac people eat here all the time." Did you give them a blood test? Many people eat Gluten Free that aren't Celiacs.

Then, I look closer and throw up a little, "Are they sharing a tray with the regular cupcakes?"

Coffee chick,"Yes, but there isn't flour in them so they are Gluten Free." She is losing patience with me.

Celiac Goddess, "Do you have special cake pans for the GF stuff, or Special bowls, separate pans or even a cutting board that is designated gluten free?"

Coffee chick, "No," now with a tone like I am a fucking idiot, "But the cupcakes do not have wheat in them, so they are Gluten Free."

Celiac Goddess, "Can you guarantee that they have no Gluten AT ALL in them?" The cupcakes no longer look cute and yummy, they look menacing and poisonous.

Coffee chick, "Well, I can guarantee that they were not made with wheat,"

Celiac Goddess, "But that's not enough. At least say that you have done EVERYTHING you possibly can to prevent cross contamination and then do that, but don't say that you have Gluten Free cupcakes with an OREO on it!"

Coffee chick, "BUT THEY DON"T HAVE WHEAT......" she says slowly like I didn't hear her the last four times.

Celiac Goddess giving up, "Ya, but I can't have them if they have come so close to flour, most Celiac's couldn't."

Coffee chick. In a manner that implies she just made OJs glove fit, "I have a Gluten Sensitivity and eat here all the time."

Celiac Goddess, "Ya, I don't just have a sensitivity, its a little different." I felt the eye roll. I just slipped seamlesly into her 'stupid customer' file and I was going to be relayed to her friends that night when she has a non GF beer.

Coffee chick, shrugging, "Well, I'm sure you will be fine," There is nothing in this world that I have been less sure of than that statement.

Celiac Goddess, "But you guys REALLY shouldn't say that something is Gluten free unless you have looked into the Cross Contamination issue." I started to explain but stopped.

She was done with me and basically didn't respond. I feel like a doomsday psycho when I say, be vigilant, be on your guard and let no gluten get to you. I would normally roast this places name over the coals BUT they were fairly new and so I figure I will give them a chance before I vilify them. I am writing a letter to the owner to educate them on what is and what is not Gluten Free and will go back to visit in a little while and see what happens then. I know for some people, not having wheat in something fulfills whatever diet their personal trainer put them on but for some of us, just swapping out the flour doesn't cut it!!

Beware of the labels....or Halloween could come early (insert creepy laugh here).

More Anaheim stories Next Time! Life was like a box of chocolates at Bubba Gumps!

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