Thursday 6 October 2011

Is it the Happiest Place on Earth?

Tomorrow......Trev and I are winning the coolest parents award. Tomorrow we are taking the Spawn to Disneyland. The BEST part is that they have NO IDEA we are going! We are going to have them called down to the office at school and before they think that someone died and start crying and getting all needing therapy, we are going to tell them they have an appointment.....With Micky Mouse!! It's too exciting. We have been to Disneyland before BUT I didn't know I was Celiac at the time. Thus making eating far easier.

On a Gluten front, it's scary leaving our little bubble of safely, it really is. It gave me pause when I first thought about booking this trip. But I refuse to allow ANYONE to tell me what I can and can not do with my life. And that includes my passive aggressive creepy buddy Celiac. If I get sick, oh well, I get sick, I will live, and learn. The important thing is that I DO LIVE. I live and love everyday and make it my own, no matter where I am, I have to live.

Now I don't want to give you the impression that I am going into this willy-nilly. Hell no, I am, after So...I have: emailed the happiest place on earth and gotten a list of all the places in the park with Gluten free options and I must say, there is plenty. I have also notified the hotel that I am coming and to burn all their bread in a huge bon fire. I am looking forward to that. I have also asked many people good GF restaurants to eat at in and around the park. The suitcase is half full of cereal, granola bars and snacks that I can eat. It will be full again on the return with princess dresses and Disney crap.

So I think I am ready. If you see my children and they are NOT wearing a "I'm Going to Disneyland" Shirt (Made by Apparel Ink) I beg of you to not mention the trip to them because they don't know yet. IF you ruin this for them, there are places for people like you and I am more than happy to put you there.

So off  we go to do Disney Gluten Free....wish me luck. The Mouse will pay a hefty price if I get poisoned!

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