Tuesday 18 October 2011

The Mouse didn't lie to you........

Disneyland IS the happiest place on earth! Especially for Celiac's. We were on and off the park for a total of five days and I didn't get sick ONCE. Not to question the Be Our Guest crew, but I was SHOCKED. I thought for sure that I would have some sort of problem with at least cross contamination but I was totally fine. I really shouldn't be shocked because I think Disney does everything very well. They handle their guests with mickey mouse gloves where ever you go. They amaze me the most in their crowd control. Disneyland moves people with artistry. You may have thousands of people around you while you are trying to get from main street to adventure land after the fireworks but the smiling happy person with the flashlight is showing you the right way! Suddenly, you don't feel crowded or like a sheep, you are a part of the magic!

It is obvious that the people at Disney have figured out that the Cruella Deville is in the details. When my daughter was dressed as a princess after her visit to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique (a completely indulgent spa for spoiled little girls that makes you over to look like your fave Disney princess), everywhere we went, people stopped to acknowledge her. For example, a man sweeping the street, stopped as we passed, clicked his heels together, bowed and exclaimed, "Your Majesty, might I say that you look lovely today" and then continued on with his sweeping like this was nothing! The makeover was costly, but Disney made it worth it all day!

This policy of perfection continues on in their food preparation. We ate at a few places in Disneyland and in Disney's California Adventure Park and it was awesome each time. Even at the quick lunch places, I would say "Celiac" or "Gluten Free" and it would be an all stop. A chef would come out, talk to me about what I could eat there and then would discuss with the employee about what to feed me. Then I would watch as the "Crew Member" would change their gloves, clean their space and prepare my Gluten Free meal. It was so wonderful. I ate at one of the character breakfasts so the little spawn could meet the Princesses and when I called to make the reservation, the person booking me in, asked if I had any allergies. When I got to the restaurant, there was a sheet of paper covered in highlighter, passed around from hostess to server to kitchen. They knew I was coming and my experience started with the server telling ME what I was having for breakfast.

It was tremendous, a true vacation, even from my Celiacs. Thank you Disney for being ....well....you.

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