Friday 3 February 2012

The Cabin Cafe = LOVE

The Spawn and I had a divine day today. They were off school and I guess there is a law about not dropping them off and leaving them at the school if no one is there (lame) so I decided to bring them along.

We went to People Food – Food for People and got some pizza crusts, perogies, sausage and their delicious water. It was my lucky day because the whole family was there at People Food; Brent (the GF King) Linda (the GF Queen) and beautiful Jane (the GF Princess). Within seconds, it is brutally clear that Jane is the brains behind the whole operation.

 I stock up on my goodies and we have a little chat. Meanwhile, the Spawn (who were by the way wearing their pajamas at noon in public because they are AWESOME), start whining to be fed. Apparently, they need to eat regularly *sigh* life as a Mom is hard. So I asked Lynda if there was a good GF restaurant nearby. Lynda is normally really smart but today she didn’t know the difference between a rabbit and a fucking cat so you can understand that I was a little skeptical on her opinion of anything. Sorry Lynda, I love you but my parents didn’t teach me how to love without hurting. I digress, Lynda suggests the Cabin Café and despite my better judgment, I took her word for it and I am SO glad I did.

The Cabin Café is a charming and comfortable café on Bow Trail and 45st. It has a wide variety of coffee and light breakfast and lunch items. The spawn loved it because they had a kids menu and a little play house for them to pass the time in. I got a moment to read the paper. That feat alone was so fantastic that they didn’t even have to feed me really. But then, they DID feed me and my day got even better. They have a separate gluten free menu and I picked a ham and turkey sandwich. I had the choice of flat bread or a bagel but they recommended the bagel so I went with that.  Immediately, Marnie who looked to be the one in charge looked at me and said, “Are you Celiac?” I sighed with contentment as I replied the affirmative and she announced that she was washing her hands to get ready to prepare my food. And that was all I needed to hear. I knew, from that small exchange, that the people at Cabin Café get it.

Marnie (Celiac 22 years) delivered my sandwich herself with the promise of, “This will be the best gluten free sandwich you have ever had. I made it myself and I put a lot of love in it.”

And dammit was she ever right. It was so gorgeous. I scarcely had enough will power to take this picture before I devoured it. It was, hands down, the BEST gluten free sandwich I have ever had. The bagel (Udis) was crispy and held together perfectly, the ingredients were fresh, bright and just splendid. The spawn had some fresh bagels and a fun play in the little house.

We will certainly be back to The Cabin Café. I suggest you do too. In addition to great food, they make a mean latte. Remember though, not to take up too much of their time because I like A LOT love in my food.

The spawn are now asking for more food...what's with that? I have to teach them to forage or hunt rabbits (or cats? ewwww).

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  1. Yummy... I will have to check it out. I have also discovered a couple of wonderful GF friendly restaurants in Edmonton that are delicious. Culina and The Dish. I had the most amazing GF brownie at The Dish and amazing GF waffles at Culina.