Wednesday 8 February 2012

The Ochre Grill!

It has always seemed that the best GF restaurants in my city are far away. It seems like all the Celiacs live in the NW end of town. Recently though, a restaurant has opened up in my neighbourhood and it advertised as having gluten free options. It's called the Ochre Grill and the fam and I visited this weekend.

It is literally next to a drycleaners so you wouldn't expect much but you would be wrong. The Ochre Grill advertises "Gourmet Comfort Food" and they are right about that. It was, in one word,  awesome.

The service was fantastic. Our server was on the ball without being cheesy and annoying. She was well versed in Celiacs and assured me the Kitchen was MORE than capable of handling my requests. At some restaurants, "Gluten Free Options" means, you can have a steak or a salad without dressing. This is certainly NOT the case at Ochre.

There are four our of eight appetisers that are available gluten free (including Calamari eek!)

All the four salads are available gluten free.

All the four pizzas are available gluten free.

Five of the ten "Sandwiches and Stuff" are available gluten free - including a wrap!

Four of the seven pastas are available gluten free.

All six of the entrees are available gluten free.

I don't remember the last time I had this many options on a regular menu. I was positively giddy.

The quality is outstanding. Our food came out hot and fresh and absolutely delicious. The price is awesome too and they don't charge extra for GF stuff. The kids menu was perfect and they only charge $6.00 for their meals which is perfect for kids like mine that some days don't eat.

My only complaint is the table cloths are plastic which don't really go with the decor or the quality of food. Oh and their wine glasses could be bigger because you know I love my wine!

The Ochre Grill was a gorgeous surprise and now they have new regulars. Make sure to take a trip down south to eat at the Ochre Grill. Call me when you are down here and I will join you for dinner.

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