Thursday 2 February 2012

You've Got A Friend in Me

I have not gone on this gluten free journey alone reader. My husband and spawn struggle along with me every day. I might blog about them one day but really it would be a blubbering sappy hallmark infested piece that no one, not even me, would want to read.

Today I want to talk about my friends, because they have totally taken this little flourless trip with me.

 Last night, I attended my book club which is called Libations and Literature. It is fabulous… because of its members. I picked up one friend who was carrying a pan of gluten free brownies that she had spent her family dinner time making for me. Then, we went to the home of our hostess for the night, who had made sure that every single thing on the table was gluten free.  And sitting there at that table, eating food that I felt completely comfortable eating surrounded by delightful friends, a funny book and a wine called, “Bitch Bubbly” I felt gratitude wash over me. I have been blessed with magnificent friends.

Here are some things that my friends have done for my gluten free butt.

-          Used some of their suitcase room and declared item dollars to bring me home GF goodies from the US – most without asking

-          Researched and called several restaurants before making a reservation to make sure they would be able to handle my Celiac

-          Checked and double checked item after item they are serving me – I have received more than one text message from a friend saying “can you have ___”

-          Sent me countless links to stores, restaurants and products that they have found are gluten free

-          Cleaning their kitchens top to bottom before preparing food for me – banishing their families from eating until my food was safe

-          Preparing a special meal for me at a large party

-          Searching through cook books to find a recipe that I could eat – taking hours to prepare it

-          Stocking their house with items I could eat so it wasn’t a problem for me to just drop by

-          Spent BUCKETS of money on GF food for me at their homes

But really? The best thing that my friends have done is to just listen. As with all friendships, it’s lovely to have people who don’t necessarily understand but are willing to be your shoulder. They have been outraged at restaurants in my behalf if they made me sick, laughed with me and my pathetic attempts at bread making, tasted some of the crap people call GF food and shuddered with me. And eaten every NEW fun GF recipe I have put in front of them with a smile.

If you are a friend of someone with Celiac, you don't have to complete the above list. Don't book a flight to Montana to go shopping today. Just make some small effort, it will be appreciated. Remember too, that just ASKING what would work best is sometimes the best way to go. The Celiac will appreciate your effort. And if they don't? Well, I don't know what to tell you, Celiac's can be assholes too.

Thank you my friends – you know who you are. I literally, could NOT do this without you.

Celiacs isn’t a one person disease. It affects everyone around you so be sure to surround yourself with brilliant, hilarious, charming people who like you enough to go the extra mile. That’s what I did. But be sure to find your own, these bitches are mine.

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  1. I'm very happy and pleased to be your friend... let's not forget if the roles were reversed I know you'd do the same for ANY one of your friends OXO